Thursday, 6 August 2015

Reflections From Sydney Airport.

So here I am, sat in Sydney international airport, a bundle of nerves and possibly underlying excitement for my long journey ahead. A journey I expect will take 2 weeks from start to finish. My first trip home in 11 months. It seems like forever ago I sat in Heathrow Airport writing my thoughts on heading away and I guess it was. I’m not entirely sure why the butterflies have take over but they have. Maybe its because I am expecting to go home and find everything changed when I know somewhere deep inside, it won’t have. The only thing that will have changed - me.

Its strange to have so many reflections on almost a year away from home especially since I was always such a homebody. I still am in a way. Creature comforts and wild eyed dreams are part of the fabric that makes me.This was why I chose the name ‘Reluctant Wanderlust’. A conflicting story of my desire to travel the world but do what is right is societies eyes and settle into the same routines as 90% of the world. Opposite sides of the same coin. 

Heightened emotion is all I am feeling right now. A sense that at any time I could burst into tears of a fit of laughter all while trying to remember my home life and what it was like, without tinting it with rose coloured glasses or painting it a dark shade and doing the same for my life abroad. I guess going home is just another adventure.

So here is to the next two weeks. Time spent with loved ones, an adventure to Scandinavia and my ultimate return to a life lived abroad.


  1. Good luck on your next adventure, Emily! It was lovely to meet you, and a real shame I couldn't catch up with you again before you left. I look forward to hearing about Scandinavia - I'm hoping to go there myself on our next grand adventure :) xx

    1. I'm still in Melbourne at the moment Michelle! Definitely need to see you before I leave as I need to pick your brains over Vancouver and Alaska! As for Scandinavia.... I meant to blog about that, juts been very very very lazy.

      I'll send you a message and lets catch up over the next few weeks before I leave xx

    2. Haha, sorry I didn't even see the date! For some reason this post arrived in my inbox today - obviously a sign we should catch up :) Sounds good, just let me know when suits you x


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