Monday, 23 February 2015

SA - The End of 88

I can't actually believe that it has come round, it doesn't seem like 2 weeks ago since I can out to do my regional work and already I am at, and over, my 88 days. It quite nerve wracking to be leaving in a way because for the last three months I haven't had to worry about money for food, work or accommodation as it has all been on the farm ready for me and now I am back on the road and ready to face what life throws at me, or at least I hope I am.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I'm Glad You Exist

So today I received word of bad news. A friend of mine whom I went to senior school with but lost contact with unfortunately passed away. It is a sad day when someone so young passes away but it is even sadder to think that with a little effort I could still have been speaking to her. 

I shared my thoughts on this to my Facebook, not to receive sympathy, likes or comments but to give my friends on Facebook a reminder, one I now share with you the beautiful soul reading this, that life is short. It can be made shorter due to illness or circumstance and that social media is making us all lazy as we can just "like each other's lives like it is contact. It is not. It is a cheap replica that makes us all lonely and feel our self worth is based around how many "friends" or "followers" we can gather.

So all I ask of you, whoever you may be reading this, is to do me a favour. Just one small favour. One you may thank yourself for in years to come. Pick up the phone and call that person you haven't spoken to for a while, pick up a pen and hand write some beautiful words of love and care to that family member you haven't seen or spoken to in months, or maybe years. Make an effort to really connect and reconnect with every person you have met, and will meet, from this day on because before you know it you could be too late. So take the time to tell somebody "I'm Glad You Exist".

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Reflections : 5 Months

I can't believe how quickly the time away from home has gone by. It is so strange to realise that I have been away from home this long. It definitely feels like a milestone for me, though I will have to wait to celebrate it for a few more days while I finish up the last of my 88 days of regional work. 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Instagrams :: January '15

On top of the picture above getting over 100 likes on Instagram I got a #regram by @SydneyOperaHouse only a few days into the new year starting me off on a definitive high. Thanks to everyone who came, saw, liked and shared. Here is how the rest of January looked.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How To Find Second Year Visa Work...

If like me you decide you want to stay in Australia a second year you will know that you have to do 88 days of 'regional' work to apply for your second year visa. Today I am going to go over a few pointers and some advice on how to look for and choose the right thing for you based on my experience and experiences of travellers I have spoken to.
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