Sunday, 10 April 2016

Reflections - April 2016

It is always the hardest thing, for me, thinking of how to start writing my posts. I suppose that is why recently i haven't been writing any. It becomes a battle of where to begin but at least today my story is happier than my last in this series.
This isn't to say February and March didn't have their share of challenges but with the arrival of my parents and a visit from one of my oldest friends it certainly helped lift the mood. My only real complaint would be the exhaustion of playing tour guide, and thats not really a complaint now is it? It has been such a treat showing those I love the city and country I fell in love with, sharing an addiction for coffee and culture that makes Melbourne, Melbourne.

The last of the summer super hot days warmed our skins as I finished working and took to a life of adventure again. Having the time to explore Sydney with my family and some well deserved beach time to top up my vitamin D as well as long days exploring country NSW with my friend sipping wine in the Hunter Valley giving me clarity and vision, preparing me to put plans in to action and recharge before the massive job hunt that would be required when everyone had gone. Tears were shed on saying goodbye to my parents again, It honestly never gets easier but you recover quicker each time - having my friend still around certainly helped with this.

Taking some time out down the windy and wonderful Great Ocean Road, retracing steps I had taken over a year earlier but at a much slower and relaxed pace allowed me to really accept the beauty of the road and drive its elegant bends for myself. Taking time to do things that made us happy along the road and pushed my boundaries when I got back with things that would normally send me running for the hills.

The job hunt has been one of the worst moments of this, trying to find something when you know, and the employers know you time is running out isn't easy, especially coming into the quiet winter season. The amount of rejection you get faced with even without this is demotivating and heartbreaking but I have determination and when that fails I have connections which I have been using. One of the many reasons I am grateful to be a natural networker, talking to people from all walks of life comes in handy and great when you need advice, a space to stay or just positive affirmation. Every person I have met on my journey I am grateful for whether they have brought me positive experiences or taught me lessons. I'm certainly not as naive as when I left home.

The last week has seen me in Perth, visiting a co-worker from the UK who moved out here 9 years or so ago, it was like we had never spent a day apart, and indulging in some me time. Reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' and swapping reading spots from beach to park to hostel/home/airbnb all while suffering from the flu. If there was any excuse for some down time this was it, even if I did still apply for jobs online while I was taking "vacation time".

Now I am excited for the next few months again, with lots of plans in place - and in the making - it is going to be a busy one but I am hoping I can complete what I set out to do and then start planning the next chapter.


  1. Good luck with job hunt lovely I'm sure you'll nail a great one soon! I can relate to how tough it is but I know you'll fit in wherever you go x

    1. Thanks hun, Its always good to know I have something to earn more money for travel. How are the adventures in London-land going? x


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