Sunday, 3 January 2016

Melbourne - Happy 2016

2016 is here! Happy New Year wanderlusters, I hope yours is filled with joy, laughter and adventures.  This new years was a bit of an action packed one for me and while it gave it made a proper start to the new year it also ended for me with a bit of drama which I wasn't expecting. To paraphrase my friend Sean, "at least 2016 started with a bang".

The new year was brought in with friends and fun in Melbournes Docklands watching the fireworks go off across the city, lighting up the sky from every angle, it was incredible to watch. Such a surreal moment but so real at the same time. Have you ever felt like that?

I've been trying to decide on New Years Resolutions but as usual I can't quite finalise them so I will do what I normally do and decide on them at the end of January but for today I want to wish you a Happy New Year and ask "What are your New Year Resolutions?"

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