Friday, 29 July 2016

Australia : See You Soon

687 days. That's how long it has been. 687 days since I changed my life. Since I boarded that first flight bound for uncertainty, for a life that I had never know. For life. That's what Australia gave me, life, or at least a new perspective on it. I never knew when I boarded that first flight how much one person could change in such a small amount of time, but I did. I can barely believe my time here is over however a new adventure calls.
Nostalgia always seems to call when a life change is coming. Sitting in airport siting rooms, ticket in hand, music in ear, heart open and ready. One chapter closes and another opens. Australia will now always hold a very special place in my heart. From days travelling with a bus full of kindred souls soaking up every second of culture, every inch of landscape. New tastes and smells dancing around your senses. 

Then I settled in Melbourne, the centre point of my time in this beautifully vast country. A city I came to know like someone knows their lover. I gave you my energy and you returned the favour with culture and experiences. Melbourne seduced me with brunches, the smell of good coffee and ever changing lane ways that satisfied my wild heart. Keeping me safe and uncaged at the same time. Imperfectly perfect. A contradiction just like myself.  As our days grew on we realised we were right for each other but time just wasn't right, and so we have said our farewells and parted as good friends. Holding a place in my heart no where else has been able to touch yet.

This experience has opened my mind, my heart and my soul to so much more. Calmed the tempest that sits in my chest and released the free spirit. It took the wreckage that left England, healed the parts it could, broke those off that it couldn't and pieced it together again with new pieces. I am forever grateful for this. I can now move forward in so many areas of my life I would never have been able to pre-adventure.

So here is to 687 days dancing through vineyards, swimming sweet seas, soaking in waterfalls, walking in red dirt, climbing green mountains, smelling eucalyptus on the breeze. Exploring every graffiti adorned lane way, connecting with kindreds, making lifelong friends, watching the sky set of fire with every sunset and tasting adventure in every bite and sip. Australia, you got me. 

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