Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ways In Which Travelling Will Change You

They are not lying when I say travelling changes you. The tough situations you get put in everyday, the people you meet, the cultures you become exposed to. Everything changes you. Its really is true that Travel is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer. Here are the ways it changes you too.

You Learn To Go With The Flow
Time was travelling for you meant knowing where you were staying that night, having had it booked weeks in advance and having your whole itinerary planned out. After travelling long term you learn that situations change quickly and sometimes even with your best laid plan, you might actually want to do something else instead. You learn to be flexible. To book that room last minute, take that trip, leave a day earlier/later/in another week. You get to rearrange plans and make new ones. To decide what you want to do at the time. To me, thats the greatest luxury you can get and a change anyone could get behind. 

You Deal With Stressful Situations Easier
Dealing with stressful situations I used to be pretty much a headless chicken, running around panicking about all the things that could go wrong. Now if something suddenly comes up that wasn't in the plans I can deal with it a whole lot easier and without half as much stress as before. Part of what helps here is the pervious point of learning to go with the flow but it also helps that your mind becomes a lot more creative at thinking your way around problems. 

You Become Less Concerned With Peoples Opinions

I used to care a lot about what people thought of me. I used to want to please people all the time though as I mentioned in this post, you learn that its OK not to. This one still technically comes hard to me because it seems to be hard wired into my core but at the same time I know that other peoples opinions, are none of my business. 

You Become More Accepting and Understanding Its hard to go travelling and not be accepting and understanding of different people, cultures and religions. Yes not everyone will be someone you can tolerate but at the same time everyone can teach you something. If you are like me you thirst for something more. You have a hunger for learning everything you can about a new culture, for what founded it and why its people behave they way they do. It makes your understand the humans of this world better, and love each one for their differences and lets face it, in this modern world doesn't that help make it a little bit better?

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