Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Reflections : 5 Months

I can't believe how quickly the time away from home has gone by. It is so strange to realise that I have been away from home this long. It definitely feels like a milestone for me, though I will have to wait to celebrate it for a few more days while I finish up the last of my 88 days of regional work. 

It barely feels like 2 minutes since I left home but it is only when I see how much I have been through and experienced since that I truly realise how long I have been way for. It almost makes me feel a little homesick. The last month of regional work has been the most mentally challenging. After having no days off since New Years and two early mornings for markets every weekend I had been feeling the most run down and possibly moody since arriving in Australia. It certainly shortened my temper a lot and dampened my positive outlooks but after getting to spend a day in bed I felt recovered and back to my former self. 

The hardest thing about being on the farm, for me, has not been the work but being so far away from everything and with not having my own car it has been difficult not being able to explore the surrounding areas and get out for a change of scenery. While it has taught me to relax more it has not helped my naturally fidgety nature which has frustrated my poor room mate on more than one occasion.

I have spent evenings applying for jobs to start the next part of my adventure and while I have mainly had rejections or no reply so far after getting a call from a salon in Melbourne helped lift my spirits, even though I unfortunately won't be able to work there due to my current visa the salon owner said I should keep in touch in case I decide to stay in Australia as a resident as he felt I would be the perfect fit for the business. This was a great affirmation of my skills for me and gave me hope and renewed determination. 

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