Saturday, 27 June 2015

Melbourne Coffee - Common Ground

Common Ground Coffee on Victoria street is a favourite amoungst my house mates Andy pretty much our local coffee house. I think we consider ourselves lucky we have such a good local cafè nearby. We are often seen here grabbing a coffee on out way into work or before the market on sunday.

The interior is a simple, classic design with a few bright accents and lots of windows for natural light. Clean lines and wooden surfaces are the order of the day. Their coffee is a welcome feature in the mornings with its smooth taste and the pear and raspberry banana bread is beyond morish when toasted. 

They also have an outdoor seated area which feels like being in a secluded garden despite being right next to the main road with wooden benches and dappled light coming through the trees. It has a minimalist charm that lets you focus on how good the taste and smell of the coffee and food is. It's a perfect place for a quiet get together to catch up with friends or just have some serenity by yourself.

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