Sunday, 12 July 2015

Reflections : 10 Months

So I am a little tardy writing this post but after a whirlwind week of emotions, planning and then action I have decided to let myself off the hook. As anything when you travel, and then settle back into a lifestyle be it at home or overseas, life occasionally throws you a busy week and distracts you -though I do now enjoy and crave busy weeks. For me I am taking this opportunity to back away from my blog a little while I go through a bit of reformatting of styles and posts.

Since TRW turned one I have been having a serious think about what I want to do with it and where I would like my writing to head. To do this I figured a break from publishing and drafting to re-energise my creative juices would be ideal and has given me time to look back and reflect on my previous posts and what I like and dislike about them, all while eating copious amounts of sweet things and drinking buckets of tea.

Life, as I mentioned before has taken a turn for the busy though it is only due to last 2-3 weeks and then I am off on a much needed holiday. Hopefully by next time I write this column I will be able to reflect on moving into my first Australian flat and living a life outside of hostels and sharehouses and bunk beds. It is going to be a very different, and possibly lonely I worry, experience. After sharing accommodation and rooms for the last 10 months going from bunk beds to sofas, air. beds and back it is going to be quite a luxury to have my own quiet creative space.

While I have longed for this for a while I will miss the family you build in the hostels and sharehouse. I'm quite happy in a way my sharehouse is virtually empty at the moment as I have fewer regrets about leaving it, and the social life it gives you, behind. Spending moments of my last few days here already missing the times I had with others. Thinking of the people without whom my experience in Melbourne could have been very different. I want to thank eacch and every one of them for making it so amazing.

Until regualr positing continues you can still follow my antics on Instagram and TRW's Facebook page. I will occassionally be posting to Twitter too. Until Next time.

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