Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Grampians - Mackenzie Falls

At the weekend Nadine and I decided to escape to the Grampians and get out of the city as we were both feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of some time off the grid, on an adventure. We had heard that Mackenzie Falls was the largest waterfall in the state of Victoria and so at a moments notice off we went.

Located in the Northern Grampians around a 30 minute drive from Halls Gap, Mackenzie falls is well worth a visit. Only a short walk from the attractions car park makes the fall accessable just be very careful on your way down and up the stairs and slopes to and from, as I found them to be quite steep and occassionally slippy, so the young, frail and unstable should take a little care but will generally be able to make it just fine.

The Falls are located in a tree lined rocky canyon but sunlight still spills over until nearly sunset making this spot perfect for relaxing in the spray of the falls and enjoying some late evening sunshine while 'golden hour' casts its beautiful glow over the falls. It still amazes me how beautiful and yet hidden some of Australias landmarks are, It is truly a place for off the beaten track adventurers.

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