Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kangaroo Island

Last weekend I escaped from Melbourne - even though I love it the wanderlust is stronger - on an escape to South Australia, with the highlight being a day tour to Kangaroo Island. I'm honestly not sure what i expected to see, except maybe Kangaroos, but i had heard it was worth a visit. It did not disappoint. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already seen some of my pics from KI and even they do not do it justice.

Waking before dawn to catch my bus down to the ferry across to the island blurry eyed and sleep deprived but excited to see somewhere new i ended up calming back some of my lost zzzZ's on the journey, which is heartbreaking to me as I love nothing more than staring out the window.  The Sea Link Ferry across had calm waters and when we arrived in Pennishaw, cold wind and cloud my face lit up with the first sight of the island and the crystal clear waters with white sand that surrounded the ferry terminal. Even in the dull  it looked stunning.

My day was a rush of hopping from sight to sight, on and off the bus with each stop lasting no more than 45 minutes tops. Seal Bay was first on the list and it was incredible how much the sand reminded me of that around Whitehaven Beach, fluffy, powdery and pale. With the guide we could get as a group within 10 meters of the Sea Lions and their pups resting on the shore before their next fishing expedition. I could have sat here all day watching one particularly playful pup causing trouble and trying to play with all the others on the beach who were content in resting. It was definitely after my heart and acted very much like myself as a child. Free spirited and mischievous.

We then headed for lunch and then a walk at Hanson Bay to watch for koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. unfortunately I didn't get chance to see a wallaby but got a few good shots of some kangaroos. Then off to Flinders Chase National park to see the Remarkable Rock, Admirals Arch and Cape du Couedic Lighthouse. By the time we arrived at Admirals Arch the sun had broken through the clouds and the true blue off the deep waters around the national park were displayed while we watched New Zealand Fur Seals surf the waves.

It was a long day but if you are short on time and want to do KI well worth doing. Always made more enjoyable for me by meeting new friends and a tour guide with a sense of humor. KI is another precious memory I will take with me.

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