Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Grampians - Reids Lookout and The Balconies

When visiting The Grampians Nadine and I pulled into a lookout not knowing what to expect only to find out I had visited the balconies before, over a year ago, so obviously I couldn't help but take a photo to document the occasion. There is something about reliving my past adventures at the moment that I am enjoying, I suppose I am carrying a huge sense of nostalgia with me.

The balconies are only a short 1 km walk on flat, well marked paths through bush land and trees from the car park and Reids Lookout is only a very short walk up a slight incline from the car park making this a perfect viewpoint over the landscape for every level of fitness and any time of day.

The views span miles and miles of trees and rolling landscape. There isn't much else to see except the landscape but honestly why would you not want to see it? My advice would be to go around sunset when the colours on the horizon change and the sun dips below the hilltops.

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