Friday, 13 May 2016

Tasmania - Hobart

Landing in the state capital of Hobart last week was a bit of a chilly departure from my prior adventure in Cairns. If you have been wandering with me over on Instagram you will have seen the shock change there. Landing on a day when the  mountain had snow covered tops, winter was truly setting in but honestly, the chill was a wonderful change as it meant I got to pull out the woolly jumpers and hats.

Overcast skies gave Hobart a dramatic backdrop as I wandered around. I only had a short amount of time before jumping on a bus the next day for 8 days of exploring Tasmania on small group tours. I'd be lying if I didn't say Hobart and I didn't connect immediately and one week on I'm more than a little smitten.

With no real skyscrapers and lots of historic buildings and Mt. Wellington rising dramatically in the backdrop Hobart is something of a feast for the eyes. Sometimes I feel it looks a little dreamlike. With lots of areas to explore I toom to a few of the older ones first, wandering Salamanca, Sandy Bay and Battery Point with its cute old buildings, small streets and changing leaves - it is Autumn after all - before heading down to the Wharf for fresh fish and chips at Mures.

Today, leaving to go back to Melbourne, I feel a little forelorn exploring Hobart in the sunshine. I actually don't think I want to leave here and can't imagine why it has taken me so long to visit before now. So much so I am already planning my next visit during the heart of winter for Dark Mofo. Until next time Hobart...

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