Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Reluctant Wanderlust Turns Two.

In life it is great to celebrate the little things. Today I guess would be one of those days as it is two years since I pressed publish on its first ever post a while I may not have always been consistent with my writing, my thoughts have never been far from sharing my adventures with the world in a hope to inspire more people to take to the road and change their lives.

Its been a long road but it has been a great one and looking back at all the fantastic experiences I have had I can't help but feel grateful I managed to pluck the strength from with me to say "something has to change" and actually change it. Taking the first step is the biggest step, but every step after gets easier.

I am grateful to you, reading this small digital corner of the world, for taking the steps with me. Humbled by the incredible people I meet along the way, they have taught me so much about myself and what I will, won't and shouldn't put up with. I would have never learned this by staying in England. Its taught me to be more open, to let people in further than I ever thought I could. It has given me trials and it has given me triumphs. This is why I persevere even though TRW is giving me some writers block issues at the moment.

So here is to two years blogging, nearly two years exploring and to the next few years of adventures and where they will take me.

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  1. Congratulations, Emily! This blogging gig ain't easy, so we definitely should celebrate all our milestones :) Looking forward to seeing what comes next for you! x


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