Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Noosa - Learn to Surf

One of the many items on any travellers Australian bucket list is a surf lesson, I was no exception. So when I got the time and opportunity in Noosa I booked myself into a morning session at 'Learn to Surf'. Founded by an ex champion surfer and teaching for over 20 years the company has steadily grown.

A two hour session costs around $60 and takes you through some knowledge of not just how to surf but the tides and rips as well, health and safety so to speak. We were then taken through the technical lingo for the different parts of the surfboard and finally how to get up and stand before taking to the water.

Instruction was taken in groups, I was in a group of 8 and this minimises your time surfing a little as we didn't get chance to catch our own waves with the instructor launching us and telling us when to stand until we got the move down but was otherwise enjoyable.

Lessons take place just off Noosa Main beach and with the waves being steady and water shallow it was a safe experience and ideal for small children and families to learn together. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of myself surfing this time, which as a solo traveller I think they could djefinitely add into their packages. I felt this was brilliant for a fun filled morning and a change from just sitting on the beach or swimming.

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