Friday, 10 June 2016

Reflections : June '16

Hello there, what a couple of months it has been! I have been living life to the fullest this and getting in some well deserved adventuring in before my big relocation. I haven't spoken much on my blog, Facebook or Instagram on what I plan on doing over the next few months but it is going to be pretty awesome. I'm currently trying to find motivation to sit down and write my last two months of wandering around into blogposts but somehow finding the time seems to be escaping me.

After Aprils jaunts to Perth, Brisbane, Noosa and Cairns to get some much desired r'n'r on beaches May gave way to explorations of the chillier kind, finding me landing in Tasmania on the first day of snow this year. The temperature drop from hot tropics to frosty south should have completely stopped me in my tracks but maybe its my British blood - and my love of snow - but I found the change so refreshing. It was so nice to layer up clothing, hats and scarves and take to walking trails and scenery changes with a small group tour. My first multi day tour since I landed in Australia over a year and a half ago now.

Tasmania kind of stole my heart a little, shh don't tell anyone, so for the first time since arriving in Melbourne I found myself not wanting to head back. That could also be because I knew I was heading back for a few weeks of work too though. Its also probably the first time I have felt content in a long time and I think this is because being back in a state of extended travel cemented in my brain that travel is the right choice for me right now and I have made peace with my decision not to take sponsorship in Australia.

For so long I have been unsure as to whether my decision to withdraw my request for sponsorship was right or wrong but these last two months have given me the knowledge that while Melbourne is a right city for me, it is not the right time for me. Funny that. Timing really is everything after all.

I once again made a few lifelong friends on my tour in Tasmania and I can't wait to see them again when I return temporarily to Europe later this year. For now I am full steam ahead with packing to leave Australia. Deciding what to send home and what to keep, where to go before I leave and what to do. So here is to the next two months of crazy life. Who knows what else it will bring.

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