Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fly Me To...

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
- Saint Augustine

I have my ticket! I have my first month’s itinerary and now I have my visa confirmed! I can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now because I don’t think I know myself. I booked the start of my journey through STA Travel and I can say I have had a really pleasant experience with them getting it all booked. Joseph who helped book my ticket helped me find flights that were suited to me, I have opted for a flight with a return bookable within a year just in case I don’t enjoy my experience and want to come home. I think this option is best for me with my fears over going out on my own. Luckily for me when I went in they had got offers on for that week and I got discount on my flights and the tour I booked.

I have booked the ‘South to North’ tour which is actually run by G Adventures, a travel company that I have been looking at for other adventures in the future, did someone say Day of the Dead in Mexico? My tour starts in Melbourne and goes all the way through the centre finishing up in Darwin taking in some national parks, wine tasting, the great ocean road, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and some crocodile spotting over 18 days. Again lucky to score £300 off my tour as it was on offer the week I went in.

I have insurance for while I am out there to cover all sorts of things. I decided to go for the most comprehensive cover, while it is a lot of money when you break it down per day it works out at only £1.35 a day and covers all expenses I may be presented with, though Joseph did advise me if I can avoid it never to call an ambulance if I could get there myself apparently it costs the Aussies 500$AUS just to call one out, Yikes.

I booked a few days in Melbourne to start off with so I can do some exploring, hopefully make a few friends at the hostel when I get there and get over my jet lag so when my tour starts I can be ready for all the early morning and late nights. I am going to book a few days in a hostel at Darwin too so that when I get there I can set up my bank account and tax numbers etc. ready to find work. I’m still not sure whether I will do it as a working holiday, I figure I will see how much I like the country and how easy it is to find work and if I struggle I will just travel down the east coast to Sydney where I catch my flight back from.

Nerves are really settled in as I write this, the reluctant part of me screaming with all the “what if this goes wrong?” again, I am just hoping when I get there throwing myself into it all will help. I haven’t really had much change happen in my life since I started work. I’ve always had a stable income, friends to hang out with and things to keep me distracted at the weekends (normally more work) so the idea of being as free as the wind is a little daunting.

If you have been travelling in Australia please feel free to leave me advice or suggestions of places I must visit. It’s always handy to get others opinions I think.


  1. This is gonna be an amazing adventure! I've never really considered travelling Australia as heat makes me quite unwell but Sydney is definitely on my bucket list of places to go! Have lots of fun and remember you're a strong independent woman, you can do anything!

    x Claire


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