Saturday, 27 December 2014

SA - Christmas Markets

Christmas time in South Australia is so different from what I would be experiencing back home. The weather is boiling hot, though I have been told that it is cooler than usual due to all the storms we have been having, so it is easy to forget that Christmas is coming up and just think that summer is here. 

As part of our Wwoofing duties we attend markets to help out every few weekends but with the festive season extra help Is needed due to the rush at the market stall as well as the extra Christmas markets that take place.

On Sunday it was ther turn of Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market, a market Al and Brenda go to weekly, and with the huge demand we took twice as much stock as usual and sold most of it within a few short hours. Normally one of two of the Wwoofers go to the market on Sundays but due to the extra demand all three of us went and despite the fact we were running around like loons we still could not get stock out quick enough. A great testiment to how good their vegetables are. We had a queue going out of the tents and an extra tent and two tables stocked up there still was quite enough produce to go around. Claire, Brenda's daughter, Jayde and I all wore festive headgear and the atmosphere when we were packing away was relaxed and a good laugh. 

I really do adore the markets, they are so busy and vibrant, full of the locals and regulars alike. Some crazy, some sweet, some quiet and some chatty. I've gained no end of advice on what to eat with what and new ways of cooking. New Years will be full of interesting new foods for me I think. 

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