Wednesday, 17 December 2014

SA - Counting Stars

One of the best things for me about being on the farm is being so far away from all the street lights and being able to see all the night stars. This was certainly a blessing at the weekend for the Geminids meteor shower on the 14th. I love the night sky and stargazing but back home in Britain it normally is too cloudy to view them and in the city there is not many places that are dark enough to see the amount of stars that I got to see out here. 

We perched ourselves on the trampoline in the farm and lay back to watch the night sky. Hannah even lent me her camera so I couldn't get some photos of the stars. My camera has unforunately taken its last photo a short while ago but didn't have the capabilities to take photos of the stars unfortunately and it felt so good to be able to take some star shots. 

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