Monday, 1 December 2014

SA - Adelaide Show Ground Farmers Market

Yesterday I headed out to do my first Sunday farmers market at the Adelaide show ground with produce sourced from the farm I am working at and all I an say is what a rush.
Ok, so after a wake up at 4.30am I maybe shouldn't have thought that but I really enjoyed my day. Back in England when I got chance to attend markets in London I did, unfortunately this wasn't that often, so getting to work at one was a huge difference. The stall has a large loyal following so for the first 2 hours Jayde and I just ran around trying to replenish the stock as quickly as it was being brought. 

The farm grows a fantastic variety of produce from 3 colours of capsicum (peppers to us in the UK), green and yellow zucchini (Courgette), shards, beets, herbs and tomatoes, which is their most popular produce and was selling faster than anything else on the stands. 

Next time I am hoping I will get chance to have a walk around and see what is on the other stalls. If you are in the Adelaide area come stop by and see everyone from the farm on Sundays 9-1, and make sure you pick up some tomatoes before they sell out! 

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