Saturday, 23 May 2015

Melbourne - Sea Life Aquarium

Last friday I headed into the city to meet Clare for a day of wander round the sea life center in melbourne. For Clare this would be her first weekend back in a big city after being on the farm and honestly I remember how confusing making your way around that can be when you are used to one street towns for 3 months. For me it was a perfect way of distracting myself from my friend Sara having left Melbourne and had an enforced day off work as I had be trail blazing and gone into work-a-holic mode again.

It was nice to have a casual wander around without rushing and of course seeing the penguins as I love those cute little animals, its the tuxedo coats. Filled with fish, sea horses, sharks and rays as well as a giant saltwater crocodile it was a great morning, we even managed to find Nemo and Dory.

because of it being mainly under water I don't have a whole load of great shots to share with you so I just picked a couple of choice ones, have you ever been to Melbourne aquarium? let me know how your visit went in the comments below.

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