Saturday, 30 May 2015

Brisbane Coffee - Bonsai Botanika

While in Brisbane I decided to try my first cafè out to see how Brisbane's coffee matched up to Melbourne, possibly an unfair comparison, and after a little research decided to try Bonsai Botanika on Elizabeth Street.

I was instantly pleased with the quirkiness of the entrance and the ideal that it was set over three levels, of which I visited two, the ground floor and first floor mezzanine level. Decorated with mock grass accents and plenty of oak wood surfaces, a clean and open kitchen/service counter filled with flourless sweet treats, pastries and green matcha cakes. 

I decided to sit upstairs to have a look at what the first floor was like and was pleased to find a table at the back next to a faux balcony which later glass doors were pulled across to keep the warmth in but allow natural light to flood through. Wood seemed to be the interior texture with floors, ceilings, walls and paneling mixed with mirrored walls to give the illusion of extra space and faux grass carpeting down the entire left side of the upper level giving the cafè an earthy woodland feel only added to by the odd deer ornament and bonsai tree for decor.

Tables were kept white to lighten up the interior upstairs and the stools the same, which while a great feature some were marked and stained from use. Lighting came from copper coloured metal fixtures hanging from the ceiling which I instantly loved and am honestly pondering where they got them from.

My cafe latte came served in a clear plastic/glass mug with a metal saucer which was a good size for the price, complete with heart latte art. Now I have either been spoilt with coffee in Melbourne or they automatically make their coffees with a double shot as it tasted very strong for my liking and had to be sweetened up with extra sugar for me to drink it but on the whole was enjoyable. I adore the quirkiness of this venue and think it is well worth a look in if you are in the area.

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