Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Wherever You Are, Be All There...

"Wherever you are, be all there"
~ Jim Elliot

Have you ever sat down for an hour and just watched the world go by? Climbed to the top of a peak or pinnacle and revelled in the view, watched the sun set in solitude and smiled? Or were you attached to your phone screen? 

As a traveller it is interesting what you notice when you look around yourself and today was no exception for me as I sat on Bourke Street mall in Melbourne, listening to the buskers and watching a little girl dance with sheer unbridled joy at the music, spinning around until she fell over just to see her blue dress spiralling around her to the music. A small moment of joy that made me smile. And yet every other person sat on the steps of the GPO was frozen, eyes glued to their phones.

Again it is interesting how every moment we spend seems to need to be documented over on Facebook or social media in order for it to have validation in that moment. It's insane the amount of times I have seen a Facebook acquaintance list their entire life moment by moment. Likes and favourites are one thing but are they not missing one little thing? The moment. 

Recently I have taken to sharing my adventures on social media in a hindsight, not fresh in the moment, in fact when I visited the Grampians a few weekends ago I decided not to go on social media at all the whole weekend. Bad as a blogger but nessisary for the soul. With all these mindfulness colouring books and bloggers rising is it not time to ask ourselves, 'when was the last time I was all there?' 

I challenge you over the next week to take a hour or two - barely a minute in the scheme of a week - and go and sit somewhere, walk somewhere, by yourself and be in that moment. Go somewhere new and don't share it. Wherever you are, be all there. 

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