Thursday, 14 April 2016

Melbourne - Old Melbourne Goal Ghost Tour

I am the first to admit I have a very, very overactive imagination and that ghost tours really aren't my thing but after attending my first ever ghost tour in Sydney I figured another wouldn't hurt. After our visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol during the day we decided to go and see what it was like after hours for a ghost tour. There are 3 to choose between but with the limited time Kay had left in Melbourne we chose to just pot luck it on the Tuesday night.
Starting around 8.30 and without theatrics - brilliant for jumpy people like me - our guide gave us history of the gaol, its "tenants" and stories of the sightings from other visitors during both the day and night. The lights were completely turned out all apart from a few electronic candles on the stairways and whatever light seeped in through the glass windows. Noises could be heard naturally occurring through the Gaol as we stood and listened to our guide rattle off a few stories of specific ghost stories and the explanations that they had managed to come up with, as well as the prisoner they believe it was related to - crimes and all.

The tour takes about an hour and a half with a bit of time in various areas of the gaol. I throughly enjoyed the tour, even if I felt freaked out by a lot of it, the stories intrigued me. I'm already preparing to go back and do another of the tours to hear more. Unfortunately, or fortunately since I am a scaredy cat, I didn't get any photos of ghosts wandering around but even during the day the Gaol is beautiful. A great venue to peak your intrigue and fill your senses day or night.

If you have been to the Gaol and seen, or sensed, anything let me know in the comments below!

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