Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sydney Coffee - The Grounds of Alexandria

Oh The Grounds... I had been, how shall I put it, stalking the cafe on Instagram for quite a while before my visit so I was more than a touch excited to go. I was not disappointed. I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly, a large cafe with a bit of an outdoor area and lots of plants maybe? What I got was an Alice in Wonderland, down the rabbit hole, feast for the eyes - and soul.

Green courtyards, potted plants and succulents, airy glasshouses, rustic touches and space a plenty making every corner of this wonderful venue a new adventure. Sweet treats being sold on little carts tempting you to eat cake for breakfast and a flower shop with blooms so beautiful I wanted to take them all home. I'm hooked. This cafe gives an anything can happen atmosphere. The staff were delightful, though sometimes a little slow at coming round due to the high demand of customers but none the less made us feel at ease and laugh.
Brunch on this occasion was to celebrate the birthday of one of my oldest (no pun intended) and longest friends who had come to visit me in Australia and I can definitely say it hit the spot for both of us. Coffee was smooth and delicious, roasted on site in one of the machines in the main cafe , one of which was just finishing up as we sat down to eat. Breakfast for us came as sweet and savoury varieties, though I had a tough time actually deciding what to eat in the first place. Eventually i decided on Hotcakes with berries and ricotta and the Chefs Brekkie Pan for my friend both substantial in size and mouthwateringly good, I actually felt guilty I became full and couldn't eat it all.

With more photos on my Instagram gallery I thought I wouldn't go overboard here but I will definitely be trying to visit the Grounds again before I leave Australia, or forever dreaming about going back.

Have you ever been to the grounds?

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