Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sydney - Blue Mountains

I have wanted to see the blue mountains since discovering them, though I do feel that about a lot of places I uncover in my research hours, so getting to head out and see them with my friend Kay last month was a lovely day out. Even if the start was incredibly early. I chose a day tour for our trip, mainly due to the lack of time we had in which to see everything in Sydney and honestly was happy not to drive on this occasion.

The drive takes approximately two and a half hours from the Sydney CBD where we were staying and broken up on the way out with a trip to Featherdale Wildlife Sanctuary. It is always interesting to me to stare out the window and watch the scenery change in front of my eyes. Our first stop was a viewpoint over the valley where we could experience the Blue of the Blue mountains, a phenomena that happens when the Eucalptus tree oil raises into the atmosphere on sunny days, the light reflects through the blue spectrum giving everything a blue hue. On my visit this was very clearly visible and breath taking to see.

During the day we visited a few view points including Echo Point for the iconic view of the Three Sisters and trekked down to Katoomba Falls and Juliet's Balcony where you can throw your voice from the walls of the cliffs opposite. I did feel like if we had had the time we could have seen a lot more and with activities like rock-climbing available in the area there should be something for everybody, and a view from every adventurous angle.

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  1. Such pretty pics!
    Jabeen x


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