Tuesday, 26 August 2014

London - Columbia Road, The Shard and Tower Hill 24-08-14

Going to London this weekend was a great escape for me and a chance to see how I coped on my own in preparation for Australia, as well as hitting a few tourist spots and things on my bucket list. I met up with Emma and her friend Ellen from Instagram (check out their feeds here and here for incredible pretty pictures) on the Sunday for a wander down Columbia Road Flower Market which was wonderful and so busy making it interesting to try to get a good shot.

I know a lot of my friends were nervous about me meeting up with people I only knew on Instagram and I know it sounds strange but I just knew in my gut that Emma was a genuine person and I tend to trust my gut instincts. I am so glad I did as I met such kindred spirits who I now looking forward to meeting up with while I am travelling Australia (as they are Aussie natives) and hopefully getting to see a locals point of view. 

I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon walking around Tower Hill admiring the poppy sculpture display around the Tower of London commemorating the centenary of The Great War (WW1). The display was still being put out down by the river but will be on until November so if you get chance you should go have a look.

Then I ticked off a bucket list item and went up to the viewing deck in the Shard.  The viewing deck is located on the 68th-72nd floors and you can see for miles. I glad I did it as I only booked it two hours before I went up as I could see for miles with the clouds staying high and the odd patch of blue sky allowing the sun to make patterns over London. 

After The Shard I took a nice walk up Southbank past the Golden Hinde, Tate Museum, Globe Theatre, National Theatre and up to Westminster stopping for dinner on the way. After this I had to retreat to my hotel because I ended up with a rather large blister on the pad of my foot.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. These photos are sensational, especially love your photo of the ceramic poppies.


    1. Thanks, I'm really working on my photography now. I'm thinking one day I may turn it into my job because I love it.

      The poppies are incredible to look at if you get chance you should go. x


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