Monday, 11 August 2014

4 Weeks To Go

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can"
- Arthur Ashe
Its four weeks to go until my adventure and I will admit I’ve been getting quite worried because I don’t feel like I have everything sorted. Today I managed to finally make some headway on this and have ordered myself a small, light sleeping bag from Go Outdoors, which I have just picked up, and have narrowed down a daysack to a nice Berghaus 25L daysack but I just need to take a look at it in Go Outdoors when I pick up my sleeping bag because it is currently on sale at Blacks in Nottingham.

I can’t believe how quick the days are passing now. Apprehension and nervousness has started to settle in but at the same time I know in my gut I have made the right choice to go out to Australia travelling. I think once I have tried packing my case this weekend I will know that I don’t need half of what my brain is telling me to take at the moment.

It was lovely as well today because I got to see a lot of my dad’s side of the family including my Aunt and Uncle who live in Spain; it was nice to have been able to see them before I go.

So the countdown is on! 4 weeks till take off!

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