Thursday, 28 August 2014

London - Big Ben, South Kensington and The V&A 25-08-14

Day two in London consisted of a very lazy morning for me, enjoying having a massive marshmallow-like queen size bed all to myself before heading into the city for one last meander around London before my big trip. I started down in South Kensington at the V&A Museum because I have wanted to go for ages now taking in the exhibits and the architecture.

After the V&A I walked up towards Knightsbridge as I love this area, I managed resist the urge to go into Ladurée and Harrods and instead wandered some of the back streets finding some beautiful town houses that one day, when I win billions on the lottery, I will be able to live in. Before heading to Oxford Street for a short bit of retail therapy and a (free) tea and cake in John Lewis.

Then I headed to China Town and discovering my two favourite restaurants were closed (one closed down the other I am hoping was because of the bank holiday) I headed off towards Covent Garden for some lunch and a sit down to read my book.  

My favourite thing to do in London nowadays is to aimlessly wander around, I think this is how you discover hidden gems but on this occasion I took a familiar route to see some well know sites one last time. I went off to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, into St James Park onto Birdcage Walk. Then I stood in the middle of Parliament Square for about 30 minutes taking in the scene underneath my umbrella and humming "Singing in the Rain" to myself. 

Unfortunately my blister had started to give me a limp by now so I decided to head back to my hotel to pick up my belongings making sure my trip went via Baker Street Underground because, if you haven't been to it yet, I think it is such a pretty station as it still has  lots of original features. My journey home didn't go completely as planned due to trains being down on other lines and the trainline thinking its a good idea to load everyone who couldn't get out of Euston and Kings Cross onto my train so I got on another train an hour instead of becoming a sardine.

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