Monday, 3 November 2014

Bryon Bay - Reunion with Old-New Friends

We left Surfers Paradise for Byon Bay after lunch on the 28th October for 2 nights. We were all quite excited as we would be seeing old friends we made that night from Mission Beach. Travelling down the coast you seem to do that. Meet people, split up, see each other again for a few hours/a day, overtake them, they overtake you and then all of a sudden you find you get a few days together again in the same hostel and you still feel like you have known these people all your life. I don't look forward to seeing them all off at the airport when I reach sydney.
We arrived Byron Bay at about 5pm and after our hostel shuttle picked us up and showed us the town we headed to the hostel to check in and unpack before we met Brendan at 9pm and went for pizza. The hostel had nice open areas to socialise and it was interesting looking around Byron because you get such a varied type of people from hippies to surfers and emos. It's quite strange but brilliant at the same time.

Sarah and I took an after dinner walk through the town and explored a little taking in the sights, smells and people of Byron before heading into a bar for some cider and girl talk as I felt I hadn't spent any time one on one with Sarah for a while. The bar had an open mic night and  we sat watching and listening to the performances before walking back to the hostel after realising it was midnight. Time flies when you are having fun. 

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