Tuesday, 7 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 10 26-09-14

So I survived the night in a swag. It was probably one of the most comfortable camping experiences I have had and fairly comfy too. We were all up early to go back to the viewing area in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, it was incredible to be able to watch the sun rise behind Uluru while eating breakfast. I know I am going to be grateful for this experience for the rest of my life.

Next stop for us in the park was Kata Tjuta or The Olgas, another rock formation sacred to the indigenous. Though we can't be told zany of the stories as these are private to the indigenous it did get explained to us how Kata Tjuta and Uluru were created from a geology point if view which was fascinating in itself. Especially to someone like me who had a small obsession with Volcanoes and tectonic plates when younger.

We went for a walk through the Olgas which is kindly allowed by the traditional owners of the land. There were two options for the walk, a 1km walk or a 4km walk to a lookout. A small group of us, myself Included chose the longer route for a morning walk. Most of us however didn't make it to the lookout because Fanny twisted her ankle on the rough terrain. So as you do when your friend has been injured Sarah, Lisa and I strapped her ankle as best as we could with Zinc oxide tape and tissues until the first aid kit arrived. 

Once Brett had strapped Fannys anklet supported her and had to take he 3km back the way we came as the terrain was much flatter. Brett and Lisa took it in turns to carry Fanny and then on the rougher terrain Sarah and I supported her as we walked. 

We changed the rest of the days itinerary so that Fanny could rest her ankle with lunch back at the campground and a visit to the cultural centre to learn more about the local indigenous culture and dreamtime stories. Vivienne and I went and did a big shop in the evening and with Jade and Kikis help made a Chinese style stir fry, which let me tell you with two girls from China and Hong Kong cooking tasted better than anything I have ever had in the UK or elsewhere. 

Lisa and I went for some more stargazing in the evening, I am now obsessed with the sky down here and later Matt and Brett joined us and we all had a great laugh sat there staring at the sky and watching Brett and Lisa compete to get the best photo.

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