Monday, 1 September 2014

Instagrammers That Give Me Wanderlust

"You miss 100% of the shots you didn’t take."
- Wayne Gretzky

Instagram is definitely my favourite form of social media, whether is is because pictures speak a thousand words or that I don't notice so much negativity and moaning because the picture is used to draw you in to the comments, I love that this app has helped me develop my creative skills and get to know some fantastic people from all over the globe. (My feed is here)

I first started seriously using Instagram to play Chantelle Ellem's (aka Fat Mum Slim) photo a day challenge but now I use it to feed my wanderlust and expand my bucket list. I follow a fair few accounts but a few got me dreaming of my big adventure as well as many others to follow.

Tuula Vintage

Jessica stein is a fashion blogger from Australia and I first discovered her when I stumbled across pictures of her exploring Mexico last year. Her feed is filled with dreamy images of sunrises and sunsets, tranquil oceans, sandy beaches, New York's districts and much more. Here recent images of sailing around Croatia have made me crave blue seas and white-washed buildings. Find Jessica's feed here

World Of Wanderlust 

Brooke Saward has been travelling solo for around 7 months now but I came across her blog and then Instagram feed only last month while looking for some fresh reading on bloglovin. Brooke, a 22 year old Tasmanian native has turned her passion for travel into her full time work and shares up to date images of her travels on her Instagram feed. So far she has hit all continents except Antarctica so that makes her one inspiring lady to me. Find Brooke's feed here

Tamara Peterson

Take one look at New Yorker Tamaras Instagram feed and tell me that you do not instantly want to book a flight. Her photography is stunning and all taken on her iPhone. Find Tamaras feed here

Bahamas Love

An account celebrating the beauty of the Bahamas by @_bahamasgirl_, @emmavsimmons and @elenakalis. This account is a stream of crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and bikinis, you will find yourself dreaming about the beautiful scenery more than you thought possible. The girls personal accounts are enough to make you wish you were a mermaid but when you add in island natives (dolphins and manatees) you have me hooked. Find Bahamaslove feed here


I discovered Johan Lolos through +Australias Instagram as they featured one of his photos. This is the type of Photography I love myself and one day I hope I will be as good as him. Johan has been on the road traveling since 2013 and is currently traveling through Australia, which is just making the list of places for me to visit much much longer. Find Johans feed here

If you follow any great IG accounts let me know in the comments so I can have a look.

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