Saturday, 24 January 2015

Pack A Bag, Book A Flight and Go With It...

Sometimes it is the funniest things that make up you stop and go "that's so true". For me recently it was a post by a friend on Facebook that inspired me to write this post as her words rang so true and perfectly described how I had been feeling a bit since beginning my travels.

For me it was an association with a word, the word 'Brave', but really I should have been looking deeper. It has been my experience in life that as humans we love to doubt our abilities and so are stunned and awed when another breaks out of the box and runs for the horizon disappearing into the golden sunset with dreams forfilled and heart ablaze but instead of making our own change we sit and tell ourselves it's not in our nature. 

Here is how the post went;

"A lot of people are always telling me they'd love to be a traveller but they wouldn't be able to do it. Travelling not hard to do all you need is a bunch of crazy ideas, little money and the ability to laugh at every situation you find yourself in, because families will form all over ther world, opportunities will arise around every corner and the fun will keep flowing. So stop thinking so much, pack a bag, book a flight and go with it..."

I will let you decide for yourself but I found her words inspiring and if I had not already booked my ticket and gone I would have. The only person that can hold yourself back, is yourself. So if you want to travel stop telling yourself you can't do it and just go, you will either have a horrible experience and come back with lessons learned and a stronger person or you will have the best, most fulfilling and enriching experience of your life but you will never know until you try. What are you waiting for?

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