Tuesday, 13 January 2015

South Australia - New Years at the Beach

So I realise New Year's Eve was two weeks ago and I am only getting around to updating you now on what I did, it's a good job my New Years resolution wasn't to be on time or I would have fallen at the first hurdle. This year Christmas and New Years was spent away from all my family and friends back home and instead on a Farm in South Australia working towards my 88 days. New Year's Eve however we got to kick back and let loose a little heading out with Clare, our farming hosts daughter, to Glenelg Beach for the New Year fireworks.

Fireworks in SA are controlled due to all the fire risks, as you will have seen if you have been watching the news recently, and so are really only available at events to reduce the risk of bush fires. It was such an uncanny experience for me as NYE is normally spent either in bed or round at my BF Kay's house watching the fireworks from London on TV, so to be in Jeans a tee and sandals warm and on the beach at midnight was something extraordinary. The display was beautiful and the atmosphere was relaxed, fun and sociable. 

New Year's Day became a day off for us all as we came back home around 4am and so slept until midday. The interesting thing I find about travelling is no matter where you go you will always manage to find people to share you experiences with no matter how big or small, from watching TV on NYD to eating Christmas lunch with a family away from home. I wonder who I will get to share with the big celebrations of 2015 from Australia Day to Easter, my first birthday away from home and beyond.

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