Sunday, 11 January 2015

Popular Posts Of 2014

What were my top posts of 2014?

1. 10 Reasons My Tour Guide is Better Than Yours 

I never dreamed this post would be so popular when I wrote it back in September. A mini joke to my G Adventures tour guide when he found out I blogged but you all loved it. 

My last post before leaving the UK, while sat in Heathrow Airport. It's strange for me to even read back on the post now but I still feel as fortunate today as I did then to be going on this incredible journey. It was an emotional and exciting day all rolled into one.

After touching down on Australian soil my first post of my adventure was all about Melbourne. Revelling in my fortune on plan seating, hostel and friend making. Even that I wasn't suffering too badly from jet lag.

Talking markets, overcoming jet lag, comparing the differences to the UK and Melbournes freezing cold spell. I was clearly having an action packed first 3 days in Australia. 

Farm work is one thing I wished I knew more about when I came out to Australia, so it is probably no wonder this oust got a little attention. Blogging my first day on the farm and feeling revitalised because I was once again working and getting my visa days in. 

Reality started to kick in to me here and I started hunting for jobs for my arrival into Sydney, specifically farm work. During my hunt by the pool I made a new friend and then we went on an evening out with our hostel during which time I learnt some new Swedish phrases.

After a few weeks of beaches I finally hit a big city again and boy was I excited. With an action packed first day exploring and regaining a buzz for seeing the sights and high rises. Even having a evening adventure with some friendly locals.

My first week in Australia was a fun filled one and only 2 days after touching down my friend Hannah took me to see Melbournes Symphony Orchestra preform Beethoven and Tchaikovsky at Hamer Hall on Southbank. The building itself was stunning and the orchestra fantastic.

Byron Bay gave me the oppertunity to tick something off my bucket list that I have wanted to do for a while, a skydive. One of the most exilarating moments of my adventure so far. I loved it and can't wait to do my next one.

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