Sunday, 9 November 2014

See You Soon...

Sitting crying you eyes out, all alone In a dark hostel room is probably one of the most sobering moments I think you could have. And that's is what I am doing as I write this post. I mentioned before that travelling, especially backpacker-style for any period of time isn't all glitz and glamour like everyone thinks it is, this is definitely one of those moments and I want to cover it before I cover all my Sydney memories.
This morning I said goodbye to me long term travelling family. I say family because that is what they are to me, so much more than friends, more than companions, they are my family. We are a family. We have had the greatest 2 months together, covered so many different parts of Australia, we have had tough times where we hated each other but we still loved each other but before we knew it the dream was over, reality was here and they were boarding their planes home or on to further travel.

We had the best last night together. Dinner with laughter, champagne with remenissing and then back to pack up their belongings and watch one last film together. I am pretty sure most of us cried ourselves to sleep last night too.

Thinking on them leaving I realised I made plans for my future that I didn't really want just yet, or at all, and I need to get back to working out what I want. It's hard to do so in this moment because I am so upset at the loss of them but it is funny how quick you sit there and say "Pull yourself together" when you only have yourself to rely on.

So to Fanny, Sarah and Tom I just want to say Thank You from the very bottom of my heart for starting this journey with me, for laughing with me, crying with me, teasing me, teasing each other, talking through your problems with me, listening to my problems, giving advice, helping me push boundaries, being with me through some of my Australian firsts and being my family. I love you all, Australia will not be the same without you. So this will not be goodbye, because families don't say goodbye, so I will see you soon.

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