Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Adelaide - The Calm Before The Farm

I left Sydney on Monday morning to head to my flight to Adelaide. I will be honest after everything that I went through I am happy to have seen the back of Sydney, for a while at least. I forgot how much flying wears you out because by the time we were landing in Adelaide I felt ready for a nap. Making my way to the hostel on the bus with a now very heavy case (I'm not sure what I brought to make it so heavy but it now weighs a lot!) I was excited to go out and explore the city. I only got one day here when I came on my G Adventures tour and we spent most of that at the beach so the city was my oyster.

Adelaide is such a pretty city, the Jacaranda trees are in full blossom and line a lot of the streets and made the city look beautiful as we landed.  The architecture is a delightful mix of old, modern and contemporary and the city has a quiet relaxed feel about it which I looked forward to enjoying. I took my time to explore and admire the scenery this time round and then went to pick up some fresh fruit to snack on. My first evening was spent with a $5 pizza from Dominos before heading up for an early night after writting a list of things that needed to be done today before I head to the farm tomorrow.

Today has been spent doing chores in the morning and then I visited the Museum of South Australia and the Art Gallery for a while. I passed the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the hostel, finally catching up on blog admin as my laptop hasn't been connecting to Wifi and attempting it on a phone has been difficult and chatting with other backpackers. My hostel is putting on a free BBQ dinner tonight which I am a little excited about (it smells good) and then I need to go an repack all my belongings again before tomorrow to head out to meet Jayde and Hannah on the train.

Coming to Adelaide has certainly recharged my batteries again. Australia seems to be a constant battle of getting too tired and recharging but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I have experienced so many wonderful things and learned so much it is worth exhausting yourself every once in while.

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