Saturday, 1 November 2014

Surfers Paradise - Job Hunting, New Friends and Nights Out

On our second day in Surfers Paradise reality was starting to settle in a bit for me, for my group is is just a holiday but for me I know I need to find a job and acommodation for the summer and decide where I am heading to, it's quite nerve wracking really and so I woke up with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Despite all of this I was determined to get out and do some chores and sees bit more of the city before heading back to the hostel to hammer the wifi on my job search.

A long overdue trip to the post office was in order to send a few gifts home as well as some booklets and leaflets I wanted to keep but not carry around with me any longer and a couple of clothing items I hadn't worn since coming to the country and felt there was no point in carrying them around any longer.

After a brief walk around town I headed back to the hostel to get out all my Job Shack information and search for some second year visa jobs on Gumtree. I sent a fair few emails off to make sure I had a few avenues covered as well as texts and Facebook messages to fellow travellers to see if anyone had any recommendations for me of places I could go for work, all while sat in the shade by the hostels beautiful blue pool. It's a tough life right? 

During my time at the pool I made a new friend, a Swedish girl called Lisa who had only arrived inSurfers that day, after we discussed job searching and our travel plans. Lisa is trying to convince me to stay in Sydney for the summer and put off my second year visa work for a while, which a lot of people seem to be recommending. I decided to wait and see what happens with my emails but invited Lisa out that night with Fanny and Myself. Our hostel took groups out for club nights with a free first drink included.

Needless to say we had a great night even if the night life in Surfers isn't really on par with what I had back home it is as they say, it's who you are with not where you are.we had a lot of fun and I learnt some new Swedish phrases so that we could pass me off as a Swede for the night after all, för ikväll äg jag svensk, älskling! 

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