Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sydney - Hard Times and New Beginnings

You only have to read to my post last week to know saying goodbye to my travel companions broke my heart in two and maybe it was this, or maybe it was self sabotage post this event but things in Sydney seemed to be slowly getting worse for me. 

I felt frustrated at my situation. I was paying for a hostel with one money coming in, applying for jobs left, right and center with no calls, applying for second year visa work in farms both as a pair and on my own with again no response and feeling utterly hopeless on the flat hunt. Generally I am quite harsh on myself but with my family back home and my friends gone I really felt quite lost.

I completed my RSA (Responsible Service if Alcohol for those back home) the same night my friend left and got a rude, and frankly unwarranted, response from the guy sat next to me when I wouldn't let him copy my test work. The end of his sentence sounds like 'Beach'. Sydney had just come to feel like a bit of a prison, or as my friend Lisa described it a 'waiting room' as you just seemed to wait around for anything to happen.

My situation improved when I made some new friends at my hostel and I chilled out much more when a new friend from Brisbane came into town for the week and took me out for a few drinks, a good ear and some sage advice. There is nothing better than a bit of familiarity to perk you up. I spent the latter half of the week with Jess, my roomie for a few nights and a few people from my hostel (Hi Thomas, Gary, Valentina and Matthieas) having a laugh to take my mind off my situation. 

It is strange how well you recover from things on the road. With the high point and a second low point coming only on Saturday firstly by being stood up for my only job trial for a charity to sign donors up on the street to then being asked to get myself down to Adelaide in the evening to go work on a farm for a few months. So that's where I am now, writting from a hostel in Adelaide after having brought gardening gloves and a wide brimmed hat. I'm off to go earn some second year visa points!

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