Thursday, 20 November 2014

SA - Life On The Farm

I moved out to the farm on Wednesday to start my Wwoofing to gain points for my second year visa. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was still excited to go and start. 

I was joining two other girls who I knew from Melbourne to go out to the farm and they, and Shaun, picked me up from the train station and drove us all out to the town where the farmer would pick us up. It's always nerve wracking I think when you are meeting your new 'employer' and we were all pretty quiet as we loaded our bags into his truck. He has been great though as he took us to buy food for our home while we stay and then took us back to settle in.

Our 'home' consists of one large bedroom with 3 single beds and one long room which is a bit of a kitchen/bathroom mix. First things were first and se scrubbed and cleaned and put up our new kitchen cabinet. Moved the new fridge into place and sorted out bags out before sitting down for dinner and some rest before bed. 

Our first day would be one of our long days and consisted of packing 2 different varieties of potatoe and 5 different varieties of tomatoes ready for market at the weekend. There is also another Wwoofer here who has been here for a month who helped us work out what to do. When our working day was done we went down to pick up some sheep and a goat from another farm in the local area.

It has been an interesting first day and I am sure I will get bored or frustrated eventually but at the moment I am loving working again, being in the fresh air and I couldn't have better company to be here with. All I need to do now if figure out where I go when I finish here. 

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