Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Brisbane - Mini Break

This weekend I raced up to queensland to visit my friend Kim for her 30th Birthday Bash and it all started at a real pace. With panic I would miss my flight after finishing work late and having to catch an Uber only to make check in by 5minutes and having a mad dash through security, where I nearly left my phone, followed by the heart reaching reality of finding no working public transport to get me into Brisbane at the other end it all started a little crazy. So after $100 worth of taxis and a short but welcomed stay in a private hostel room the weekend was underway. 

It was a short trip really getting only 2 full days up in Queensland with Kim but it was fun and relaxing regardless. The weekend was spent eating good food, drinking good wine, a few films and even a trip down to one of the local lakes to top up our tans. Action packed but chilled out, a perfect escape. Brisbane's heat was more than welcomed too after having suffered from a cold this last week which seems to have settled in my chest, the warmth and humidity seems to have lifted some of it away.

Today has been spent exploring Brisbane again and getting a few affairs in order, having a coffee and a lit bit of window shopping as the weather was too miserable to explore unfortunately and then off to the airport to sit and catch up on my blogging as I seem to work best at the airport, don't ask me why maybe it's cause I have no distractions, and making sure I didn't have the same drama with almost missing my flight that I had on Friday. It's been short but sweet Brisbane, see you again soon.

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