Thursday, 9 April 2015

Melbourne - Queen Victoria Summer Night Markets

Every Wednesday during the summer the Queen Victoria Markets hold a special night market, where lots of local restaurants come out and put on food stands, vendors sell their jewellery, clothes and gifts and the people of Melbourne come out in force to see what is being laid out for them.

The foood stalls are a selection from the restaurants in the city and vendors who go to the festivals on federation square serving drinks from coffees to sangria and food from almost every country with paella, burritos, thai, burgers, sweet and savoury crepes and more. Succuent aromas float through the air and make your mouth water.

Jewellery and vintage clothing are on offer in their droves and on the last night of the markets some were on sale from as little as $10. Handmade soaps made from natural ingedients, incense sticks wafting musky scents and even wooden roses for a center piece of vibrant colour that never needs watering, perfect for those of us who arent green fingered. Unforunately the last of the summer markets has gone and now we just have to wait for the winter markets to begin.

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