Saturday, 25 April 2015

Melbourne - Anzac Day Centenary #LestWeForget

Today was, in Australia, the centenary of World War 1 and the Gallipoli landings and just like Britain has Remembrance day for our fallen soldiers Australia has Anzac day. I got up at 3am sleepily dressed and had a cup of tea with Louise and Linzi before making the hour long walk down to the Shrine of Remembrance to await the beginning of the service and secure a good view.

The service was a beautiful way of remembering the fallen soldiers much in the same was as Remembrance day but for me it was so fascinating to hear about the wars from the Australian point of view and look at the eastern front, not something we are taught at school. After the ceremony which took around 1.5 hours we entered the shrine, lay a poppy in respect and then went and joined the other attendees out on St Kilda Road in front of the Victoria Barracks where they had laid on a breakfast and hot drinks for us all for a voluntary donation. Sausage sandwiches, breakfast biscuits, hot tea and Anzac biscuits, of course, were given out and it definitely helped warm our bones after being stood in the rain for 2 hours.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Take a minute now to remember the fallen. Lest We Forget

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