Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Melbourne Coffee - Waffee

Waffee is a cute little cafe front on Swanston Street in Melbourne's busy CBD that entices you in with its clean white decor and the deliciously tempting smell of waffles. I find it hard to walk past without noticing it, I'm not sure whether it is the name that stops you or the light airy look of the store but something makes my head turn and last week my housemate Jade and I decided to give it a go.

Waffee does exactly what it says in its merged name, Waffles and Coffee. With a selection of hot and cold drinks from Coffees to chocolates and various different selections of waffles from plain, cinnamon, chocolate or covered with sauce and ice cream you can find yourself pondering which you are going to have for a while. I opted for a latte (I figure this will help in my quest for good coffee by sticking to the same drink) and a Belgium chocolate finger waffle. All waffles are made fresh and your can even watch them making the sweet treats which I feel adds to the charm of the place.

With a mix of trinkets and clean finishes including a map of where their coffees come from, a light box proclaiming "You mocha me crazy" and a tip jar cleverly disguised as a koala mascot saving up for astronaut school, bonus point for this charming little touch and the home made outfit, I felt it had charm for what would be a fast take out coffee spot. I say take out coffee spot as the only thing Waffee lacks is an abundance of space for seating other than a table and 3 chairs and a window ledge forcing you to take your purchase to the streets.

The coffee was rich and steaming hot and the waffle was divine to the point Jade and I weren't sure whether to savour it or devour it in one go. I will definitely be returning for more sweet treats should I every feel the need for a caffeine and sugar rising.

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