Monday, 20 April 2015

Mornington Peninsula - Easter Weekend

Easter weekend I headed off down to the Mornington Peninsula with Louise and Linzi from my Share house as an Easter weekend escape and birthday treat, getting older always calls for some time away.  I think I had been getting itchy feet a little anyway from staying in the city non stop for the last 5 weeks and after escaping to Brighton Beach on Good Friday I was ready to escape again.

We headed down the coast in a car borrowed from my new boss, when our rental company decided to tell us they had over booked and no longer had a car for us, a tent and a whole lot of food. By the time we got to our campsite at Rosebud it was 10pm and we were putting up the tent in the dark, thankfully Linzi appears to be a tent erecting pro and it was up within 20 minutes enough time to sit down with a drink and watch the lunar eclipse.
We spent the weekend hiking up and down the coastline and on the National Reserve taking in the views, fresh air and having a really good giggle. After weeks of being back to working regular hours, socialising after work and then living in the share house it was nice to get out of all the hustle bustle and slow down for the weekend.

The National Reserve was great to visit as we trekked down to the army stronghold at the very tip of the land, reading the information boards as we went. The most fascinating thing I read was that the first hostile shot of World War 2 was fired from the canons at the fortress as a German ship was trying to escape Melbourne to force it to surrender. You learn something new every day. Now I can't wait to explore the rest of Victoria.

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