Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How To Enjoy Your Regional Work

It's likely when you go to do your regional work that you have never done anything like it before so it can be hard to adjust, especially if you are used to a big bustling city heading out to the outback. Here are a few points on how to make the most of your regional work.

Go with an open mind and think positively:
Just because you haven't done it before doesn't mean you aren't going to enjoy it. If you go in with a negative attitude for anything you end up not enjoying yourself so instead try to think what you can gain out of the experience. Maybe it is an opportunity to learn about the industry, sample new foods, meet the locals. If you are travelling normally you have come out for a reason which you could apply to your regional work. 

Be prepared to try anything:
I'm not the most green fingered of people, honestly before I came out here even the idea of getting my hands dirty with mud and sitting amongst spiders, ants and other insects quite frankly disgusted me a little but I found that after I decided that it had to be done so now getting my hands in the mud and being dirty doesn't bother me as much. From there it has lead me to being able to try other aspects of farm life like planting crops, picking vegetables and herbs and feeding the animals. I even got to drive the transit vans which was exciting, and terrifying, for me as I have never driven anything that huge. Take everything as a chance to challenge yourself and you grow as a person, you never know what you might enjoy until you try it.

One persons mango is another persons banana:
You aren't going to like every aspect of regional work and the lucky thing with being a traveller is if you don't like somewhere you can just up and leave, you aren't tied to doing that aspect (unless of course your visa days are running out and you don't have time to change farms). What one person likes isn't always going to be what another enjoys so just because someone has recommended it as they had the best time picking that fruit doesn't mean you are going to enjoy it. If you don't, pick up and try something new. 
Go with a friend:
If you can go with people you know. They will make your free time much less dull, brighten up your days when you re working and be there should you need friendly shoulder to talk to. I am happy I had company during my farm work, singing the packing days away with Jayde certainly made the days seem to go quicker.

Remember it's only 88 days:
Give or take. I'd advise doing a few extra just because if you get investigated and you forgot about a public holiday you will be safe but in the end it is only 88 days of your time that you are trading for another 365. A small fraction compaired to the days filled with fun you will be having in the long run. Keep your mind positive and just go for it.

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