Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Reflections: 7 months

I literally do not know where the last month has gone! It seems so crazy to me that I have been in Melbourne a month already. I have settled back into city life so easily after leaving the farm it is insane, it's good to be back it exploring and have a routine but have free time in which I can get out and eat great food, drink great coffee and laugh wholeheartedly.

I will admit to kind of missing life on the farm, I really loved my experience and I am so happy to have gotten it done so I could land a great job back in Melbourne that is keeping me busy and then have jam packed weekends meeting friends, having a laugh and party and shopping for food at the markets (as well as new post-farm back in the city clothes) and even considering a few dates, my life is the polar opposite of what it was in the UK. I almost feel like I need a weekend off to recover. 

I have once again thrown myself into work and in some ways I think it is a small distraction tactic for me as I know I have to work for money but at the same time I am enjoying going out and spending my money of experiences and food, so much delicious food, and enjoying the frivolous things in life again. It is funny how quickly you can settle into a life somewhere new every few months, create new friendships with like minded people even though you know afte a few weeks you will go your separate ways. 

I'm making sure I am planning plenty of trips which I think I need to stop myself from feeling frustrated at being in the same place for a while and instead trying to make peace with my current housing situation which while it is cheap and I live with some fantastic girls it isn't ideal for living and working full time. It is interesting in itself being back at work and now having done my first course through work to see the possibilities out here and how much more creative the Australian hair industry actually is, it has rally made me feel quite inadequate in my skills but given me a thirst to know and learn more. I can't wait to see what the next few months hold for me in that respect. 

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