Saturday, 18 April 2015

Melbourne - Brighton Beach

On the run up til Easter my wanderlust has been hitting pretty hard and with all the talk in my house of going away for the weekend I just wanted to escape the city. I think I need to organise and escape from the city every few weeks to explore the city, while I love it, or I might go crazy and fall back into my old habits in the UK of not going anywhere and feeling perpetually bored with life. Needless to say as I am a wanderlust at heart, reluctant or otherwise.

In the run up to the Easter Weekend  Louise, Linzi and I planned to go out to Brighton Beach for the day to see the beach huts and enjoy the Autumnal sunshine. The Beach huts at Brighton Beach are a bit of an icon and definitely make me feel like I could be back on the shores of good ole Blighty on the south coast though the beach huts here are rather expensive and a few rather more eclectivly decorated. Everyone generally comes down to take a photo of the beach hut with the Australian flag decor but I found some of the others far more amusing, space invaders anyone?

After the Beach we went to do what any self respecting backpackers would be doing on a public holiday and found a bar in Brighton itself to sit in and have happy hour drinks for a while. I left the girls in the bar after a while to head out to my good friend and farm buddies house party where singing and beer pong were the entertainment and food was more than aplenty.

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