Saturday, 20 September 2014

G Adventures - Day 2 18-09-14

So day two of my G Adventures south to north tour yesterday was a long one. I will be honest I didn't really feel like updating after such a long day I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. We were all up early for breakfast first thing before loading ourselves back onto the bus to head to our first stop of the day which was London Bridge. The weather was unfortunately the same as the the afternoon before and really wet and windy and absolutely freezing

London bridge was followed by the Bay of Martrys and Tower Hill, which is an old volcano that erupted and collapsed back into itself. It has formed a really lovely area full of lush green vegetation, with two lakes in the craters from the collapse. The area has Koalas and a few Emus too, and some great views to walk up to. 

We then headed up to Halls Gap in the Grampians to visit the cultural center and hear about the Geriwald dreamtime story, or creation story and took a walk to a lookout point. Here we got to see the result of last years bush fires on the trees surrounding the roads but also how well the area was recovering on the ground even if the trees weren't quite recovering. The walk was only 2k long but took us to the most incredible views. There are a few on this post for you to admire as well as a few Kangaroos that were hopping around our accommodation.

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