Monday, 8 September 2014

See You Down Under!

So here I am, sat in Heathrow airport terminal 4 waiting to catch my flight. I'm a little emotional but I am ok. It was hard having so say goodbye to my parents, I feel a little like I may cry as I write this but then I remind myself I will look like a weirdo crying by myself in the middle of a huge airport.

I'm still not quite sure where the time has gone. It barely seems like yesterday I was sat in STA Nottingham planning and booking, now all of a sudden it's here.

I won't lie the last week has been hard. The goodbyes, the last minute bits to get, the stress it all made me really tired and yet I have been having completely disturbed sleep. Today though I woke up tired, I haven't felt stressed just a little sad to be leaving everything behind but that's what happens in life I suppose, we move to chapters new. Now I just want to get through the next 24hours of flying and transfers and get started and settled.

Thanks to everyone who sent me good luck messages, it has been a great support. See you all in Melbourne!

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